Personal Trainer (Part-time & Benefits) - Make a Profound Impact

Job Posted 9/13/2023
Vita wellness center
248 Tompkins ave, Ground floor
NY 11216
United States
Category Personal Trainer
Exercise / Fitness
Job Start Date
$17.50 to $50.00 Per Hour
Job Description
Online classes and digital workout programs

Job Description: Personal Trainer
Vita Wellness Center - Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY

Salary Structure:

$27.50 - $42 per session


Make an Impact with Vita!

Vita Wellness Center is a haven of empowerment, dedicated to transforming lives through holistic wellness. Our mission goes beyond exercise - we serve the needs of our community by helping our members create and maintain stronger, healthier, and happier lifestyle habits. If you have a passion for helping others and making a difference, then you have found where you belong

Your Role is Empowerment. Transformation. Growth.

As a Personal Trainer at Vita, you hold the power to make an impact on individuals' lives through creative programs, and energetic interactions with each client. You will craft a personalized experience that is tailored to the member's unique needs, both in-person and virtually. But it doesn't stop there. You will become a beacon of support through digital accountability to help elevate their overall lifestyle. Together, we will create a supportive and motivational environment, empowering our clients to achieve their fitness goals and unlock their true potential.


  • Craft and implement personalized workout programs tailored to each client's unique needs, both in-person and virtually.

  • Offer guidance on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, elevating clients' overall well-being.

  • Continuously monitor and adapt clients' workout plans to ensure progress and optimal results.

  • Cultivate a supportive and motivational environment, empowering clients to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Maintain a meticulously organized and safe fitness floor during and after sessions.

  • Drive personal training sales by effectively marketing and showcasing the value of our programs.

  • Stay at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently expanding your knowledge and expertise.

Why Vita?

  • Vita creates a Community-centric culture that empowers our team to learn, develop, and make a difference.

  • A Boutique center focused on serving our community by promoting healthier happier lives for our members.

  • Inclusive & non-judgemental space that encourages individuals to be their true selves, both in the gym and in their daily lives.

  • Growing marketing that seeks to reach more people in need of fitness support.

  • Provide continuous advancement in staff training fitness, nutrition, mental health, business management, sales, and leadership courses.

  • Hands-on training in various fields, including CEUs, advanced tools and software, customer relationships, sales, programming, management, financial literacy, and business development.

  • Commitment to diversity, actively seeking to hire minority backgrounds, college students, all genders, and passionate health enthusiasts

  • Black-owned businesses in the community.

Your Benefits: Thrive. Inspire. Succeed.

Do you want to learn how to be a successful trainer in person and online?

  • Increase compensation over the term period of employment

  • Growth opportunity to develop into managerial positions

  • Exposure to leadership management courses, conferences, etc. via our Manager-In-Training program

  • In-gym access to all facility equipment and amenities

  • Access to higher education programs, learning material, and workshops

  • Bonus Incentives for specific responsibilities and bonuses for personal training performance.

Sign On Bonus: $500


248 Tompkins ave, Ground floor
NY 11216
United States