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North Andover MA 01845
United States
Body & Soul Coaching Lisa Swanson
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At Body & Soul Coaching, I offer professional fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching in my Metabolic Design online program.

Based out of North Andover, MA, I use the convenience of an online platform to allow you to fit all parts of your health journey into your busy life with ease, always able to access your resources and coaching tools anytime, anywhere, with guidance every step of the way from a fitness and nutrition expert.

Because I personally understand the changes and challenges we, as women, face during midlife, I am dedicated to creating a compassionate and empowering community to deliver the truth about weight loss for women over 50 and provide an in-depth holistic approach.

I do this by helping my clients get “unstuck” through habit-based nutrition, effective workouts, and behavior modification, all of which ends the frustration of searching for answers alone.

After 35+ years helping women achieve their unique health and fitness goals, it is my #1 goal to provide you with all the direction, knowledge and support you need to lose weight and keep it off for good, without menopause or anything else holding you back!
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North Andover, MA
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